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100% ROI Driven PPC Management Services

Hire PPC Expert

100% ROI Driven PPC Management Services

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Work Procedure

One should know the work procedure of a PPC expert to understand the capability and ability of giving result.

1. Understand Business

I have to know the concept of your business, USPs and ticket size to move landing page optimization.

2. Website/Landing page analysis

I have to analyse your landing page thoroughly to strategize perfect Adwords plan. If there "No Landing Page" we will create.

3. Counseling & Suggestion

I will share why and how we create a landing page to boost conversion, increase clicks and impression.

4. Landing Page Optimization

Build a landing page by using "Marketing Psychology", structure, alignment, color, content, image/video and call to action button.

5. Keyword analysis

Research and excel transactional keywords to increase conversion 300%

6. Budget Setup

Before we run ads we must setup daily budget of the account and keywords bid.

7. Run Campaign with Creative Ads

When everything is done we have to start the engine and enjoy the journey.

8. In-Depth Tracking

Once we start getting clicks and queries we have to track everything on Google analytics to strategize strong marketing plan and CTR centric ads.

9. Discuss Again

When we are enjoying the Adwords we should think about retargeting on Google and Facebook as well to expand campaign.

10. Smile on face

The journey is endless. We must keep smiling by seeing the growth of business.

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